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Rules & Guidelines

Post by Kreios on Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:37 pm

General Rules:
1.Using cheats, hacks, or abusing glitches/bugs will result in a permanent ban.
2.Do not reconnect or commit suicide to avoid a roleplaying situation.
3.Do not disregard staff's orders and accept their decisions.
4.No racism, sexism, homophobia.
5.Follow NLR, New-Life-Rule. NLR is a rule in which if a person dies, they forget EVERYTHING that happened in their previous life.
6.Do not metagame.
Government Rules
1.Do not buy illegal items and then switch to a government job.
2.Random searches are prohibited.
3.If you are Mayor, you still have to follow server rules.
4.Do not randomly initiate a lockdown.
5.Do not randomly initiate a warrant.
6.Do not spam broadcasts as Mayor.
Prop/Toolgun Rules
1.Do not propminge whatsoever. Propminge can be defined as:
•Prop pushing
•Prop killing
•Prop spamming
•Prop blocking
•Prop surfing
•Prop climbing
2.You MAY build a roadblock as police, if you have consent from the Mayor.
Chat Rules
1.Do not metagame using OOC.
2.Keep all chat English. Not doing so could result in the loss of chat privileges.
3.Do not use OOC to call staff.
4.Do not spam advert.
5.Do not spam broadcast.
6.Do not write caps-locked messages.
Forum Rules
1. Do not intentionally start drama or harass other people.
2. Do not flame.
3. Do not bump any appeals or applications unless it's gone a week without response. Doing so will result in a lock on your post and it will be disregarded.
4. Do not post on any appeals, applications, reports, or any other serious matter unless you have additional proof or you were related to the incident in some other way.
5. Do not post anything that's illegal in the USA.
6. Limit one account per person
7. Posting other individual's personal information without their permission is not tolerated.
8. Do not advertise other Garry's Mod gaming communities.
9. Do not decline or accept ban appeals or staff application unless you are headadmin+
10. Do not apply or appeal anything twice in the same day


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